Build your financial data platform in minutes, not years.

The easiest way for developers to get high quality data into their financial applications.

Note: Our assets have been acquired, stay tuned for more information.

Note: we do not sell data, nor have access to datasets. Our solution works with data that you are licensed to use, and already possess within your platform. For purchasing data, please contact your account representative at the appropriate institution.



A marketplace with installable adapters, warehouses, engines, and apps, it allows you to build an off-the-shelf platform in minutes.


Dozens of extension points, hundreds of elegant API calls, allows creators to quickly scaffold new plugins and deploy at scale.


Scalable platform, deployed on elastic multi-cloud infrastructure, state of the art open source components.

Future thinking

Built for Finance.

We have re-imagined the way financial data management is done today, as you start to use our tools, you will see how it fits like a glove.


Instantly deploy an open financial data solution.

Enjoy a frictionless experience in both our learning and production environments with plenty of documentation and hands-on labs.

Bootstrap your platform

Start with an empty slate in your preferred cloud provider, apply your adapters, engines, ontologies, and warehouses.

Ingest, publish and master

Kick-off an ingestion session, execute your workload at scale, master your entities and capture revisions and corrections.

Access, analyze, and learn

Easily access your high quality time series in over 9 languages and any data visualization tool, create and deploy apps.

... ... ... ...

4 powerful tools to better manage your financial data.

Each tool is purposefully designed to solve a very specific problem in managing modern data infrastructures.

Fast data on-boarding

Standardized entities

Frictionless data access

Multiple temporalities

CLI, SDK, API, and Archetypes

Enjoy many ways to build, customize, orchestrate, curate, govern, consume, publish, and engage with your data.

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Your entities have first-class treatment in our platform.

You entities are concrete, they change over time, there's different perspectives, there's a network of relationships, and unlock your data through continuous learning resulting in maximum quality and coverage.

Explore your entity universe

Navigate, at point-in-time, through your financial entities, and key into your asset data no matter what identifier is used.

Unparalleled data quality.

Detect anomalies, conflicts, and dubious data, and choose to auto-resolve, manually override, or apply a custom rule.


Deploy to cloud or on-prem

Rollout a world-class production environment, with push-button infrastructure deployments, hands-free automated CI/CD, and cost-effective day to day operations.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud